P2P | 28 September 2022 | 1.27 GB

Ralph Peterson 很容易成为有史以来最激动人心的爵士鼓手之一,他不仅是世界级的爵士鼓手,还是世界级的爵士鼓老师。 确实是一种罕见的组合。

除了与 Terence Blanchard、Branford Marsalis、Stanley Turrentine、David Murray、The Count Basie Orchestra、Betty Carter 和 Michael Brecker 以及他自己的众多团体一起演奏外,他还在伯克利音乐学院教授爵士鼓课程 以及荷兰克劳斯王子音乐学院的常驻艺术家。



Easily one of the most exciting Jazz Drummers one will ever see, Ralph Peterson is not just a world-class jazz drummer, but also a world-class jazz drumming TEACHER. A rare combination, indeed.

Besides having played with Terence Blanchard, Branford Marsalis, Stanley Turrentine, David Murray, The Count Basie Orchestra, Betty Carter and Michael Brecker, as well as numerous groups of his own, he also teaches Jazz Drumming Lessons as Full Professor at Berklee College of Music as well as Artist in Residence at the Prince Claus Conservatory in Holland.

Aptly titled “Jazz Drumming Demystified,” Ralph generously shares his jazz drumming lesson wisdom here and offers a ‘method to the madness’, laying down a clear path for the aspiring jazz drummer.