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独特的 kalimba 采样虚拟乐器。 使用最高质量的前置放大器和超低噪音的 24 位多层采样使其具有超逼真的声音。

在这个插件中,zanza 确实有共鸣箱,而 kalimba 则没有。 此外,zanza 在每根演奏杆上都有一块嗡嗡作响的金属片。 这会产生微妙的高音嗡嗡声。 kalimba 的声音更加圆润干净,它们完美地相得益彰。

1.36 GB 未压缩音频数据
高品质 24 位立体声样本
基本声音控制参数 – ADSR、滤波器、偏移
可作为 AU、VST3 和独立应用程序使用


The unique kalimba sampled virtual instrument. Multi layered sampling in 24 bits using highest quality preamps with ultra low noise gave it a super realistic sound.

In this plugin the zanza do have resonant box as opposed to kalimba which does not. Also zanza has the buzzing piece of sheet metal on every playing rod. This creates subtle, high pitched buzzing. The kalimba has more mellow and clean sounds and they complement each other perfectly together.

Two different lamellophone instruments were used to create this plugin
1,36 GB of uncompressed audio data
High quality, 24 bit stereo samples
Multi layers sampling techniques provide rich and natural feeling.
Basic sound control parameters – ADSR, Filters, Offset
Plugin pitch controll and pitch-wheel range controll.
CC Automation learn
MTS-ESP support
Available as AU, VST3 and a standalone application