FANTASTiC | 24 August 2021 | 1.94 GB

✔ 935 个陷阱循环,用于销售 beats/spotify 等。我 2020 年的整个文件夹,包括每个部分。 还有很多秘密样本 + flp 项目,所以你可以调查我是如何制作吉他 + 长笛样本的。

包装价值超过 500 美元

+935 循环
+flp 项目与所有效果和 vsts 我如何制作我的旋律

我的循环被以下人员使用:Toosii、Lil Skies、JayDaYoungan、John Gabbana 等等。

使用 TheUnarchiver 打开 MACBOOK 上的大文件。

✔ 此礼包免版税用于盈利用途,但主要展示位置必须通过联系 nofuk 清除!


✔ 935 trap loops for selling beats/spotify etc. My whole folder from 2020 with every part included. Also lot of secret samples + flp project so you can investigate how i make my guitar + flute samples.

Pack is Worth more than 500$

+935 loops
+flp project with all effects and vsts how i make my melodies
+all parts together
+all packs included
+placement email
+my tag

My loops were used by: Toosii, Lil Skies, JayDaYoungan, John Gabbana and many more.

Use TheUnarchiver to open BIG files on your MACBOOK.

✔ This pack is ROYALITY FREE for profit use but major placements must be cleared by contacting nofuk!