超过 3.5GB 和 32 个最酷的拉丁休息室声音的构建套件
最畅销的 Nu Bossa 和 Satin Grooves 的制作人提供了一个多格式样本库,其中充满了拉丁休闲音乐的经典声音,并结合了现代风格和感觉。


拉丁酒廊探索这一流派中最酷、最冷静的音乐。 32 个构建套件为您提供了多种风格选择,从经典的波萨诺瓦到流畅的桑巴舞,以及介于两者之间的所有风格,节奏从轻松的 70bpm 到几乎快节奏的 110bpm。此外,还有额外的吉他即兴演奏和打击乐循环,可为您的音乐作品增添更多拉丁风格。


该库带有酸化 Wav 文件和 AIFF Apple Loops 以及 Kontakt3、EXS24、Reason 和 HALion 乐器。

– 680 个酸化 WAV 文件
– 680 个 AIFF 苹果循环
– 34 种 Kontakt 乐器
– 34 种 EXS24 乐器
– 34 台 HALion 仪器
– 34 台 NN-XT 仪器

重要提示:包含的 Kontakt 文件需要完整版的 Kontakt 3.5 或更高版本!


Over 3.5GB and 32 construction kits of the coolest Latin Lounge sounds
From the producer of the best-selling Nu Bossa and Satin Grooves comes a multi-format sample library packed full of the classic sounds of Latin Lounge music combined in a contemporary style and feel.

The rich music of Brazil – its history, styles, performers, instruments, have had a massive impact on modern music around the globe. From the cool elegance of bossa nova to the syncopated rhythms of samba,

Latin Lounge explores the coolest and most chilled out music of this genre. The 32 construction kits give you a wide choice of styles ranging from classic bossa nova to smooth samba and everything in between with tempos from a relaxing 70bpm to an almost up-tempo 110bpm. In addition, there are extra guitar riffs and percussion loops to add even more of that Latin flair to your music productions.

This chilled, sensual, and essentially smooth library has it all. So, cool off, relax, and bring a little bit of Rio sunshine to your music productions!

The library comes with Acidized Wav files and AIFF Apple Loops as well as Kontakt3, EXS24, Reason and HALion instruments.

Library Includes:
– 680 Acidized WAV files
– 680 AIFF Apple Loops
– 34 Kontakt Instruments
– 34 EXS24 Instruments
– 34 HALion Instruments
– 34 NN-XT Instruments

IMPORTANT: The included Kontakt Files require a FULL version of Kontakt version 3.5 or later!