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Portatron 磁带合成器。从 4 轨盒式录音机中获取所有魔力,就在您的项目中!从带有磁带饱和、噪音和摆动的即时 lofi 声音,到为您的样本注入新的活力!播放跟随 DAW 传输的磁带循环,或者像从键盘上播放单声道 Mellotron 一样。通过使用内置均衡器、延迟和混响混合四个音轨来构建完整的音景。

我们对磁带声音进行了精心建模和重新创建,让您可以完全控制磁带速度、噪音、辍学、摆动和开始/停止滞后等各个方面。在 Normal 或 Chrome 磁带之间切换以获得不同的噪声类型和频率响应。在轨道上推动 Drive 可重现您在将热信号录制到磁带时获得的饱和和压缩。


Portatron 可以通过多种方式播放。您可以让它与您的 DAW 传输一起播放,立即为您的项目创建无人机。通过让它在每个、第二个或第四个小节上重新启动,创建一个半同步循环,非常适合环境样本。或者只是像 MIDI 键盘上的 4 轨单声道 Mellotron 一样演奏它,它非常适合带有人声样本的古怪主音。


Portatron Tape Synthesizer. Get all the mojo from a 4-track cassette recorder, right in your project! From the instant lofi sound with tape saturation, noise and wobble, to breathing new life into your samples! Play tape loops that either follow your DAW’s transport, or play them like a monophonic Mellotron from your keyboard. Build a complete soundscape by mixing four tracks with the built-in EQ, delay and reverb.

Full lofi control
We have carefully modeled and recreated the cassette sound, giving you full control over individual aspects like Tape Speed, Noise, Dropouts, Wobble and start/stop Lag. Switch between Normal or Chrome tape for different noise types and frequency response. And pushing Drive on a track recreates the saturation and compression you get when recording a signal hot to tape.

Layer your samples
Build tape loops by combining your favorite samples in new ways, or use one of the hundreds of samples included in the sound Library as a starting point. We recorded a bunch of instruments like piano, vibraphone, vocals, and synths, and also included stuff like hydrophones and shortwave radio. With the same wobble and other tape effects across all tracks, the samples gel together creating a unique sound.

Drone, looper, or instrument
Portatron can be played in many ways. You can let it play along with your DAW transport, instantly creating a drone to your project. By letting it restart on each, second, or fourth bar creates a semi-synced loop which works great for ambient samples. Or just play it like a 4-track monophonic Mellotron from your MIDI keyboard, which works great for quirky leads with vocal samples.