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PSP auralControl(仅适用于 ProTools 的 AAX;AU 和 VST3 将于今年晚些时候推出)是用于多通道跟踪、混音和母带处理的重要工具。 其目的是为多通道集合中的每个单独通道单独调整电平、极性、带宽和时序。

预定义的行业标准多声道格式、分组功能以及在单个屏幕上显示所有功能使 PSP auralControl 在几乎每个环绕声项目中都可以节省时间。 无论是处理多通道现场主干中的不平衡,解决多通道混响轨道的问题,不想限制 LFE 或天花板扬声器的频谱内容,还是参考左右调整中央通道时间和电平 – PSP auralControl 提供 这些问题的直接解决方案。


PSP auralControl (AAX for ProTools only; AU & VST3 coming later this year) is an essential tool for multichannel tracking, mixing and mastering. Its aim is to individually adjust level, polarity, bandwidth and timing for each individual channel in the multichannel set.

Predefined industry standard multichannel formats, grouping capability, and displaying all features on a single screen makes the PSP auralControl a time saver in a virtually every surround project. Whether dealing with imbalances in the multichannel live stem, addressing problems with a multichannel reverb track, not wanting to limit the spectrum content of the LFE or ceiling speakers, or adjusting the center channel timing and level in reference to left and right – PSP auralControl offers a straight-forward solution to these problems.