FANTASTiC | 30 September 2022 | 917 MB

一个完整的修补程序预设包,将 10 倍您的工作流程和 10 倍您的声音 – 每个预设的完整视频演练。这是您在互联网上任何地方都找不到的东西!

10 倍您的工作流程
这个包是任何制作人都应该在他们的库中拥有的重要预设。从一个旋钮实用程序到复杂的多频段成像器和失真,再到拖放高级多频段侧链压缩器。这将是您的 GO TO 包装 – 保证。

30 多种改变游戏规则的预设
实用插件的集合以及 Creative Multi-FX 将成为您每次打开 FL 时的 GO TO 预设。

每个预设都带有易于理解的表面,因此您可以毫不犹豫地使用它。想要自定义声音? – 只需潜入地图!

您的下一个 GO-TO FL Studio 包
所有预设都带有注释和视频演练 – 因此您确切知道如何从包中获得 101%。

经过几个月的工作,我们开发了可以节省您时间、工作和金钱的预设。无论您想要 RC-20、iZotope 臭氧成像仪还是 Fabfilter Saturn 2 – 我们都可以在这里找到听起来与付费 VST 一样好(如果不是更好的话!)的所有替代品。

•重制非常流行的Multi FX,以简单但极其有效的形式。
•清洁多频段失真- 轻松控制特定频率的数量和颜色!


A complete pack of Patcher Presets that will 10X your workflow and 10X your sound – with complete Video Walkthrough of EVERY preset. This is something you will not find anywhere on the internet!

10X Your Workflow
This pack is crucial presets any producer should have in their library. From one knob utilities through complex Multiband Imagers & Distortions to Drag & Drop Advanced Multiband Sidechain Compressors. This will be your GO TO pack – GUARANTEED.

Collection of Utility Plugins as well as Creative Multi-FXs that are going to be your GO TO presets every time you open FL.

Easy to USE and Fully Customizable
Every preset comes with easy to understand surface, so you can use it with no hesitation. Want to customize the sound? – Just dive in the map!

Your Next GO-TO FL Studio Pack
All presets come with Notes and Video Walkthrough – so you know exactly how to get 101% out of the pack.

Hundreds of $$$ Worth of Plugins
After months of work we developed presets that will save you time, work and MONEY. Whether you want RC-20, iZotope Ozone Imager, Fabfilter Saturn 2 – we got all alternatives here that sound as good (if not better!) than the paid VSTs.

•A remake of very popular Multi FX in simple yet extremally effective form.
•Clean Multiband Distortion – easily control the amount and color for specific frequencies!
•Gain Instant Clarity with Self Sidechained Reverb. Drag & Drop, no linking, no messing with settings!
•Mix Loops INSTANTLY with this Drag & Drop patch. Duck only frequencies or make it classic sidechain in one click!
•Apply this on ANY track of yours and get
•INSTANT Perfect Tonal Balance!

And 30+ more!

BONUS: Video Walkthrough of EVERY Preset