FANTASTiC | 30 September 2022 | 1.21 GB

这是一个特殊的。 顶级乐器,令人难以置信的歌曲创作,也许是您遇到的最“可采样”的包。 鼓、贝司、琴键、喇叭、弦乐、合唱团、人声、音效,它拥有一切来提升你的下一个节拍。

你喜欢这些样本,但希望你只是剪掉了人声吗? 循环的每一层都已单独导出,因此您可以访问和使用您想要的任何组件。 这个声音库有无限的用途,我们迫不及待地想让你沉迷其中。

搜索 Gold School 并找到您一直在寻找的大量样品,以完善您的新产品。

•189 一次拍摄
•470 个循环
•15 个预设


This is a special one. Top tier instrumentation, incredible song writing and maybe the most ‘sample-able’ pack you’ve come across. Drums, bass, keys, horns, strings, choirs, vocals, sound effects, it has everything to level up your next beat.

Do you like the samples but wish you just had the vocal cut? Every layer of the loop has been exported individually so you can access and play around with whatever component you desire. This sound library has infinite uses and we can’t wait for you to get stuck into it.

Search through Gold School and find the bunch of samples you’ve been looking for to top off your new production.

•189 one shots
•470 loops
•15 presets