Team DECiBEL | 01 Oct 2022 | 1.18GB

Immense Sounds 的“Saturday After Hours”包含五个出色的构建套件,带有 WAV、MIDI 和预设。

这个高品质的包混合了各种流派,包括 Slap House、Midtempo、Low Bass 和舞曲,灵感来自世界各地的所有顶级艺术家,您在这里拥有一切来创作您的下一首国歌,该包具有 WAV 词干等 作为 Arps、Basses、Synths、Vox、Leads、Brass、Plucks、Low Bass 等等,MIDI 和 Serum 预设。

请使用血清 1.35b1 或更高版本。

– 5 个建筑套件
– 241 个 WAV 文件
– 48 个 MIDI 文件
– 44 种血清预设
– BPM 105 – 115


‘Saturday After Hours’ by Immense Sounds features five outstanding Construction Kits with WAV, MIDI & Presets.

This top-quality pack is a mixed bag of genres featuring Slap House, Midtempo, Low Bass, and Dance Music inspired by all the top artists from around the world, you have everything here to create your next anthem, the pack features WAV stems such as Arps, Basses, Synths, Vox, Leads, Brass, Plucks, Low Bass, and more, MIDIs & Serum Presets.

Please Use Serum 1.35b1 Or Higher.

Product Details:
– 5 Construction Kits
– 241 WAV Files
– 48 MIDI Files
– 44 Serum Presets
– BPM 105 – 115