FANTASTiC | 01 October 2022 | 467 MB

星际环境是银河与外星生命相遇的超凡脱俗空间的集合。 具有独特的氛围、无人机、通信 FX、用户界面和外星人发声的集合。 Interstellar Environments 是独特的科幻音效的完美集合,适合任何寻求独特方式为遥远星球带来生命的制作人或声音设计师。

所有声音均由 Colin C. 在配音艺术家 R.A. 的帮助下设计和制作。 脱衣舞娘。 通过使用 SSL 4K 通道条@The Cell Studio, PDX 处理的 Apogee Symphony 转换器捕获。


Interstellar Environments is a collection of otherworldly spaces for galactic encounters with alien life. Featuring a unique collection of atmospheres, drones, communications FX, user interfaces, and alien vocalizations. Interstellar Environments is the perfect collection of unique Sci-Fi sound fx for any producer or sound designer looking for unique ways to bring life to far away planets.

All sounds designed and built by Colin C. with the help of voice over artist R.A. Desilets. Captured with Apogee Symphony converters processed with SSL 4K channel strip @ The Cell Studio