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VREV-305 十二弹簧混响
VREV-305 源自 1970 年代标志性且非常罕见的弹簧室混响系统。它的水箱由不少于 12 个独立的弹簧组成,这些弹簧具有相同的回火时间,遵循非常类似于音阶的对数级数。该系统产生独特的混响纹理,可以使用紧凑而强大的调整矩阵来塑造。

VREV-305 的弹簧腔产生谐波系列反射模式,从而产生丰富而密集的混响尾音,但没有弹簧典型的扭曲伪影。板状的氛围可以通过一个简单但非常有音乐性和互动性的 EQ 部分来适应单个信号。该插件还永久解除了硬件的固定衰减时间限制。

但这还不是全部,因为 VREV-305 还为每个通道提供单独的预延迟参数,以及在弹簧系统之前和之后可切换的立体声求和选项。无需大量复杂的控制,这种混响可以让您立即创建许多有趣的尾音,并且始终可以通过板载混音控制调整其强度。

它的灵活性使 VREV-305 成为许多音源的绝佳选择,尤其适用于鼓、吉他和人声。可以肯定的是,它以一种富有创意且真正优美的方式听起来与到处使用的标准混响完全不同。因此,如果您喜欢弹簧和板,同时寻找新鲜且易于调节的混响声音,那么这款就是为您创建的。


系统要求 Mac(仅限 64 位)
Intel 兼容或 Apple Silicon CPU
2GB 内存
Mac OS 10.12 或更新版本
显示分辨率为 1280×1024 像素或更高
VST2、VST3、AAX 或 AudioUnits 兼容主机

系统要求 Windows(32 位和 64 位)
Intel 兼容 CPU(建议至少 2 GHz)
2GB 内存
Windows 7 或更新版本
显示分辨率为 1280×1024 像素或更高
VST2、VST3 或 AAX 兼容主机


VREV-305 Twelve-Spring Reverb
The VREV-305 originates in an iconic and very rare spring chamber reverb system from the 1970s. Its tank consists of no less than 12 individual springs with equally tempered timings, following a logarithmic progression very similar to the musical scale. This system produces unique reverberation textures which can be shaped with a compact yet powerful tweaking matrix.

Customized Tails
The spring chamber of the VREV-305 produces harmonic series of reflection patterns which result in lush and dense reverb tails, but without the twangy artifacts typical of springs. The plate-like ambience can be adapted to individual signals with a simple, but very musical and interactive EQ section. The plugin also lifts the fixed decay time limitation of the hardware for good.

Tweaker’s Heaven
But that’s not all, as the VREV-305 also offers separate pre-delay parameters per channel as well as switchable stereo summing options before and after the spring system. Without tons of complex controls, this reverb lets you create many interesting tails in no time at all, which can always be adjusted in intensity with the onboard mix control.

Like No Other
Its flexibility makes the VREV-305 a great choice for many sources, and it especially shines on drums, guitars and vocals. For sure, it simply sounds different than the standard reverbs used all over the place, in a creative and truly beautiful way. So if you like springs and plates while looking for fresh and easily tunable reverb sounds, this one has been created for you.

Whats new in this version
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System Requirements
System Requirements Mac (64-Bit only)
Intel compatible or Apple Silicon CPU
Mac OS 10.12 or newer
A display resolution of 1280×1024 pixels or more
A VST2, VST3, AAX or AudioUnits compatible host

System Requirements Windows (32- and 64-Bit)
Intel compatible CPU (at least 2 GHz recommended)
Windows 7 or newer
A display resolution of 1280×1024 pixels or more
A VST2, VST3 or AAX compatible host