Team DECiBEL | 03 Oct 2022 | 829.4MB

Laniakea Sounds很高兴呈现“Laidback – Chill Trap & RnB”-一个杰出的谜题,只有你才能解决,并转化为一件美丽的艺术品。这个宏伟的样本集提供100%免版税,为您带来的只有最高质量的音频文件,精心制作从零开始。


我们创建了这个巨大的1GB的音频样本库,包含了最美丽的音频样本:未来的旋律合成器,阳光的吉他,忧郁的人声,R&B贝斯线,柔软的鼓和有趣的垫。这个集合是完美的陷阱,嘻哈,RnB,新学校,未来的灵魂和任何其他相关流派的生产者。毫无疑问,“Laidback – Chill Trap & RnB”将为您带来高质量的励志素材。现在就下载这个示例包,并创建您自己的魔术!



– 278音乐循环

– 5个满干的阿卡贝拉

– 5个低音循环

– 5个完整的鼓循环

– 5个顶部鼓环

– 44.1 kHz/24位质量

– 100%免版税



Laniakea Sounds is happy to present “Laidback – Chill Trap & RnB” – an outstanding puzzle that can be solved only by you and transformed into a beautiful piece of art. This magnificent set of samples is provided 100% royalty-free and brings you only highest quality audio files masterly crafted from scratch.

We created this massive 1GB library with the most beautiful audio samples: future melodic synths, sunny guitars, melancholic vocals, R&B basslines, soft drums and playful pads. This collection is perfect for producers of Trap, Hip Hop, RnB, New School, Future Soul & any other related genres. Without a doubt, “Laidback – Chill Trap & RnB”, will bring you quality inspirational material. Download this sample pack today and create your own magic!

Download Includes:
– 278 Music Loops
– 5 Full Dry Acapellas
– 5 Bass Loops
– 5 Full Drum Loops
– 5 Top Drum Loops
– 44.1 kHz/24-Bit Quality
– 100% Royalty-Free