FANTASTiC | 06 October 2022 | 462 MB

配乐循环介绍梦想卧室流行循环&一拍。这是《卧室流行》,是波兰/乌克兰新灵魂/抽象流行音乐制作团队Cyborgs推出的第四部配乐循环,之前是Future Soul Vibes、Future Vocal R&B和Lofi Cuts。电子人知道如何创建声音完整性、灵活性和类型真实性的样本包。

卧室流行深化了配乐循环/ Cyborgs的合作关系,扩展了Cyborgs美学的声音集合,提供所有您需要制作完整的曲目-贝斯循环,鼓循环,一个镜头,合成,吉他和人声。节拍在一个广泛的分类和功能,声学和电子鼓方便地分类成混合节拍,完全产生的顶部,孤立的踢/圈套组件,和钹口音。

一个旋律组件文件夹是塞满了合成器和吉他部分;吉他部分是空间和类型的不可知论,并出现作为一个独特的东西,使这个集合分开。Cyborgs团队真的很喜欢人声——在这里,样本被分为循环组、短语组和FX组,所有都印有空间和距离的生产价值,这是Cyborgs风格的标志。一切都整齐地在卧室流行,一个完整的建设工具包包含169个循环,和162个一个镜头文件。灵感来自Elise Trouw和Dua Lipa这样的艺术家。

Soundtrack Loops intros Dream Bedroom Pop – Loops & One-shots. This is Bedroom Pop, the fourth Soundtrack Loops outing from Polish/Ukrainian neo-soul / abstract pop production team Cyborgs, following Future Soul Vibes, Future Vocal R&B, and Lofi Cuts. Cyborgs know how to create sample packs with sonic integrity, flexibility, and genre authenticity.

Bedroom Pop deepens the Soundtrack Loops / Cyborgs partnership by expanding the Cyborgs aesthetic in a collection of sounds that deliver everything you need to make complete tracks—bass loops, drum loops, one shots, synths, guitars and vocals. The beats come in a wide-ranging assortment and feature both acoustic and electronic drums conveniently sorted into mixed beats, fully produced tops, isolated kick/snare components, and cymbal accents.

A melodic components folder is packed with synth and guitar parts; the guitar parts are spacey and genre-agnostic, and emerge as one of the unique things that sets this collection apart. The Cyborgs team is really into vocals—here, the samples are divided into groups of loops, phrases and FX, all printed with the production values of space and distance that are a hallmark of the Cyborgs style. Everything comes neatly together on Bedroom Pop, a complete construction kit containing 169 loops, and 162 one shot files. Inspired by artists like Elise Trouw and Dua Lipa.