Team ARCADiA | KONTAKT | 1.53 GB

让流行作品发光的点火钥匙-一系列闪闪发光的钥匙,为崛起的明星量身定制。用老式的乐器和最先进的设备录制,预设的声音IGNITION KEYS范围从梦幻的混合声垫到金属的弹拨和闪闪发光的共振合成器引线。你还可以拨入一个超级酷的,现代的边缘,易于使用的调制效果,如磁带抖动和洛菲比特破碎的好处,为巨大的,飙升的流行挂钩。







– Play系列的一部分:听起来很棒的预设和直观界面中的实时控制


Make pop productions shine with IGNITION KEYS – a range of sparkling keys, tailor-made for rising stars. Recorded with vintage instruments and state-of-the-art gear, the preset sounds of IGNITION KEYS range from dreamy hybrid vocal pads to metallic plucks and gleaming, resonant synth leads. And you can dial in a super-phat, modern edge with easy-to-use modulation effects like tape wobble and lofi bitcrushing goodness, for huge, soaring pop hooks.

Next-gen hitmaker keys

– Warm, lush, on-trend keys for stellar pop productions
– Over 150 retro-style presets, including pianos, organs, synth leads and hybrid pads
– Take the sounds into the future with a range of creative effects and macros
– Part of the Play Series: Great-sounding presets and real-time control in an intuitive interface