MORiA | October, 5 2022 | AUi | VSTi | 26.1 MB

Martinic Colorsound Tremolo AU/VST插件,经Macaris测试和授权,重现了Green Day, Joe Bonamassa和Phil Manzanera等著名吉他手使用的著名Colorsound Tremolo效果踏板。

Martinic Colorsound Tremolo是使用我们的商标ACE建模技术创建的,将1974年和1996年的模型精确的重现到现代DAW应用中。增加了立体声和节奏同步的功能,这是新的“去”颤音效果插件,以实现甜美的复古氛围在任何音轨!



macOS 10.9 +


The Martinic Colorsound Tremolo AU/VST plugin, tested and authorized by Macaris, recreates the famous Colorsound Tremolo effect pedal used by Green Day, Joe Bonamassa, and Phil Manzanera among other well known guitar players.

The Martinic Colorsound Tremolo was created using our trademarked ACE modelling technique to bring precise recreations of both the 1974 and 1996 models into modern DAW applications. With the added capabilities of stereo and tempo sync, it’s the new “go to” tremolo effect plugin for achieving that sweet vintage vibe on any audio track!

Includes recreations of both the 1974 and 1996 version of the original pedal.

Whats new in this version
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System Requirements
macOS 10.9+