有时,您需要单个声音的亲密感和细节才能超越管弦乐队的力量。达到Spitfire Solo Strings(Spitfire独奏琴弦)的到来-交响乐和室内乐军械库的全新伴奏,具有出色的伦敦初唱技巧。
六年前,Spitfire发行了Solo Strings,这是我们有史以来的第一个库。从那时起,我们已经积累了2500多个小时的采样经验,因此我们知道现在该重新审视这些重要的仪器了。他们可以为大型弦乐创作增加个性和清晰度,还可以捕捉飞扬的独奏,无论是电影,游戏还是流行音乐。想想约翰威廉姆斯(John Williams)在迅达排行榜中的独奏小提琴,阿尔沃·派特(ArvoPärt)的Fratres,约翰·科里利亚诺(John Corigliano)的红色小提琴或带有《权力的游戏》主题的大提琴。
我们很自豪地宣布已包含我们全新的,高度直观的小提琴(Virtuoso)总演奏补丁,为您提供最详细,最完整的演奏小提琴独奏。由世界著名的演奏家音乐会小提琴家杰克·利贝克(Jack Liebeck)演奏,这是我们迄今为止最先进,最强大的功能。它包含了创建逼真的独奏演奏所需的所有技术-五个真正的合法连奏类型:滑音连奏,手指连奏,弓连奏,Runs和Arpeggios。它还具有:spiccato,断音,颤音,molto颤音,渐进式颤音和非颤音。 —全部组合在一起,无需键切换即可实现乐句表达,并且已编程为对演奏速度和触感做出反应。该音色易于演奏且非常直观,可让您完全专注于自己的构图,而无需“缝合”表演。

Sometimes you need the intimacy and detail of a single voice to rise above the force of an orchestra. Reach for Spitfire Solo Strings – the all-new accompaniment to your Symphonic and Chamber arsenal, featuring exceptional first-call London virtuosos.
Solo Strings is designed to stand out, but also to fit in: this entirely new library sits perfectly alongside the Spitfire orchestral ranges, utilising the same location, peerless signal chain, mic positions and range of articulations that make up the DNA of our high quality orchestral packages. Single players in the acoustic luxury of the hall at Air Lyndhurst, captured on rich sounding 2” tape.
Solo Strings
Six years ago, Spitfire released Solo Strings, one of our first ever libraries. Since then, we have clocked up over 2,500 hours of sampling experience, so we knew it was time we revisited these essential instruments. They can add individuality and definition to big string writing, as well as capture soaring solos, whether for film, games or pop music. Think of the solo violin in John Williams’ score for Schindler’s List, Fratres by Arvo Pärt, John Corigliano’s Red Violin, or the cello carrying the Game of Thrones theme.
Total Performance
We are proud to announce the inclusion of our brand new, highly intuitive Violin (Virtuoso) Total Performance patch, offering you the most detailed and complete solo performance for the virtuoso violin. Performed by world-renowned virtuoso concert violinist Jack Liebeck, this performance patch is our most advanced and powerful to date. It contains all the techniques you need to create a realistic solo performance — five different types of true legato: Portamento Legato, Fingered Legato, Bowed Legato, Runs and Arpeggios. It also features: spiccato, staccato, tremolo, molto vibrato, progressive vibrato and non vibrato. — all combined together to enable musical phrasing without the need for key-switching, and programmed to react to playing speed and touch. This patch is easy to play and ultra-intuitive, allowing you to focus entirely on your composition, without the need for ‘stitching’ together performances.