TeamCubeadooby | 04 September 2022 | WiN x64 VST3 | 24.2 MB

3DX 是 MAGNETICA studio 的“NovoNotes”品牌下的第一个版本,专注于创新声音制作软件的开发。

“NovoNotes 3DX 的目的是让艺术家和工程师能够创造和体验前所未有的声音,”MAGNETICA 工作室的联合创始人 Satoshi Suzuki 说。 “它将最高音质与复杂的工作流程和直观的界面相结合,预示着沉浸式 3D 声音的新时代。”

– 3D 音频制作所需的所有功能——声像、双耳处理和 Ambisonics——在一个插件中。
– 透明、高分辨率的声音,没有不需要的伪影。
– 全新设计的 3D 声像移动动态声像。
– Acoustic Field 的 HPL(HeadPhoneListening)处理器可实现针对音乐制作进行优化的高质量双耳化。
– 消除复杂效果链的复杂工作流程。

2022 年 9 月 3 日 v1.4.2
– 修复了错误 #1 “插入 3DX 后 DAW 立即冻结”
– 显着提高 Windows 上的 CPU 性能
– 小修复和稳定性改进

VST3/AU/AAX(仅限 macOS)


3DX is the first release under MAGNETICA studio’s “NovoNotes” brand which is focused on the development of innovative sound production software.

“The purpose of NovoNotes 3DX is to enable artists and engineers to create and experience sound as it’s never been heard before,” says MAGNETICA studio co-founder Satoshi Suzuki. “It combines the highest sound quality with a sophisticated workflow and an intuitive interface to herald a new era of immersive 3D sound.”

– All the functions needed for 3D audio production – panning, binaural processing, and ambisonics – in a single plug-in.
– Transparent, high-resolution sound without unwanted artifacts.
– Newly designed 3D panner for dynamic sound image movement.
– Acoustic Field’s HPL (HeadPhoneListening) processor for high-quality binauralization optimized for music production.
– Sophisticated workflows that eliminate complex effects chains.

Whats new in this version
September 3, 2022 v1.4.2
– Fixed bug #1 “DAW freezes immediately after inserting 3DX”
– Significant improvement in CPU performance on Windows
– Minor fixes and stability improvements

System Requirements
VST3/AU/AAX(macOS only)