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将您最喜欢的 PreSonus 插件添加到您选择的 DAW 中。 PreSonus Hub 允许您下载和安装 PreSonus® 插件,以便在您选择的 DAW 中使用! 根据大众的需求,我们选择了一系列深受粉丝喜爱的 Studio One® Native 插件,提供 VST3、AAX 和 AU 格式,可用于几乎任何 DAW。 这些插件都由 PreSonus Hub 安装和管理。


Add your favorite PreSonus plug-ins to your DAW of choice. PreSonus Hub allows you to download and install PreSonus® plug-ins for use in the DAW of your choice! By popular demand, we’ve made a selection of fan-favorite Studio One® Native plug-ins available in VST3, AAX, and AU formats for use in nearly any DAW. These plug-ins are all installed and managed by PreSonus Hub.

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