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Lore 是一个先进的声音设计工作站,灵感来自过去几十年的具体音乐、微声和其他开创性的声音技术。它结合了光谱和颗粒引擎以及其他几个旨在释放微声波再合成功能的功能。

Lore 不仅仅是一个合成器或效果器,而是一个众筹、不断更新的声音处理环境。目前,Lore 用作粒度和频谱处理器,在 Ableton Live 或 Logic 等主机中作为插件打开。

Lore 将音频分解成微小的粒子,这些粒子可以在非常特定的频段上进行拉伸、频谱延迟和手术改变。从那里,一切都可以被调制成动态变化、不断发展的声音雕塑。

Lore 是一个开源项目,由 Puremagnetik 艺术家和首席开发人员 Micah Frank 开发,并得到每月赞助人的支持。 Puremagnetik 在过去几年中的大部分开发都以实验性声音处理工具告终。 Lore 将这些工具吸收到一个旗舰的模块化环境中。

由 Csound 提供支持。
Lore 的整个引擎建立在强大的开源声音计算语言 Csound 之上。自 1980 年代以来不断发展,Csound 是一个非常成熟的音频框架,具有完美的音质。


Lore is an advanced sound design workstation inspired by musique concrète, microsound and other pioneering sound technologies of the past several decades. It combines spectral and granular engines along with several other features designed to unleash the power of microsonic resynthesis.

An Advanced Sound Design Workstation.
Lore isn’t simply a synth or effect but a crowd-funded, continuously updated environment for manipulating and processing sounds. Currently, Lore functions as a granular and spectral processor that opens as a plugin in a host like Ableton Live or Logic.

Lore dissects audio into tiny particles that can be stretched, spectrally delayed and surgically altered on very specific frequency bands. From there everything can be modulated for dynamically shifting, constantly-evolving sound sculptures.

Lore is an open-source project, developed by Puremagnetik artist and lead developer Micah Frank and supported by monthly patrons. Much of Puremagnetik’s development for the past several years has culminated into experimental sound processing tools. Lore absorbs these tools into a flagship, modular environment.

Powered by Csound.
Lore’s entire engine is built on the powerful, open-source sound computation language Csound. Continually developed since the 1980s, Csound is an incredibly mature audio framework with immaculate sound quality.