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16 位四操作 FM 合成器。芯片合成器系列的这个成员是一个功能丰富的四操作器 FM 合成器,非常强大!
Mega Drive™ – 也被称为 Genesis™ – 是一个深受喜爱的控制台系统,它为大众带来了明亮而闪亮的 FM 声音。它创造了许多快节奏和令人兴奋的配乐,直到今天它仍然推动着作曲家的创造力。

当我们设计chipsynth MD时,我们情不自禁地把它塞进了一个新的高度,可以访问硬件的每一个组件,无论多么晦涩难懂,还有一个智能分层系统可以让你转动任何 OPN2 补丁都变成了可怕的 6 层声音墙!

芯片合成器 MD
MD 具有一点精确的 OPN2 (YM2612) 仿真器。我们将它与兼容 SN76489 的方波核心 (SPSG) 和对游戏中非常松脆的样本播放的特殊模拟相结合,我们将所有这些乘以 6,使其在任何可以想象的情况下都具有复音性。免费的 VGM 文件播放器可让您试听数百首经典的原声音乐,就像它们应该被听到一样。

Plogue 的逆向工程团队非常努力地工作,以确保即使是涉及 OPN2 芯片特殊功能的最罕见的极端情况也能被完美地模拟,并通过在特殊硬件设备上进行的大量测试来支持。添加 DAC 和脉冲响应仿真,您将获得前所未有的真实感!


16-bit four operator FM synthesizer. This member of the chipsynth line is a feature-rich four operator FM synth that packs quite a punch!
The Mega Drive™ – also known as Genesis™ – is a much beloved console system that brought the bright and sparkly sound of FM to the masses. It resulted in the creation of numerous fast paced and exciting soundtracks, and it still drives the creativity of composers to this day.

As we designed chipsynth MD, we couldn’t help ourselves but to jam pack it with features that take it to the next level, with an access to every component of the hardware no matter how obscure, and an intelligent layering system that lets you turn any OPN2 patch into a monstrous ear-splitting 6-layer wall of sound!

MD features a bit accurate OPN2 (YM2612) emulator. We combined it with a SN76489-compatible square wave core (SPSG) and a special emulation of the very crunchy sample playback found in games, and we multiplied all of this by 6 to make it polyphonic in every situation imaginable. A complimentary VGM file player allows you to audition hundreds of vintage soundtracks just like they were meant to be heard.

Plogue’s reverse-engineering team worked very hard to make sure that even the rarest corner-cases involving the special features of the OPN2 chip were emulated bit-perfectly, backed by large amounts of testing on special hardware rigs. Add the DAC and impulse-response emulation to that, and you get a degree of realism that has never been reached before!
Oh, and as always, it is done how it should: without using samples!