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声音很大!太嚣张了!是数字的!这是雅马哈 6-op FM 合成器的前卫声音,现在由chipsynth OPS7 以方便的插件格式完美模拟!

当它在 1983 年用暴风雨接管电波时,让它接管你的音轨。打开闸门,迎接大量清脆的低音、水晶钟声、舒缓的电钢琴和锐利的节奏古钢琴。

借助仅在最昂贵的 FM 键盘(雅马哈 DX1 和 DX5)中才有的双层系统,您将在几秒钟内释放出广阔的 FM 环境,为您的音乐提供宏大、饱满、郁郁葱葱的录音室声音!

除了全套效果外,我们还为chipsynth OPS7 提供了一个改变游戏规则的动态补丁编辑系统,使FM 补丁创建比以往更容易,并且无需繁琐的算法图。在扩展模式下,您还可以使用来自 TX81Z、SY77 和 OPL3 的波形。

但也许您想加载数千个可用的原始 Yamaha DX 系列 6-op 补丁库之一?

我们为您提供全面的 SysEx 银行文件支持和完整的硬件 SysEx 接口。


It’s loud! It’s brash! It’s digital! It’s the edgy sound of Yamaha’s 6-op FM synths, now perfectly emulated by chipsynth OPS7 in a convenient plugin format!

Let it take over your tracks as it took over the airwaves with a storm in 1983. Open the flood gates to a deluge of crisp bass sounds, crystalline bells, soothing electric pianos, and sharp rhythmic clavichords.

You will unleash vast FM landscapes in mere seconds, thanks to the dual-layer system seen only in the most expensive FM keyboards – the Yamaha DX1 and DX5 – giving your music a big, full, lush studio sound!

In addition to a full set of effects, we’ve given chipsynth OPS7 a game-changing dynamic patch editing system, making FM patch creation easier than ever and removing any need for cumbersome algorithm diagrams. In extended mode, you can also use waveforms from the TX81Z, SY77 and OPL3.

But perhaps you want to load-in one of the thousands of available original Yamaha DX series 6-op patch banks instead?

We’ve got you covered, with full SysEx bank file support and full hardware SysEx interfacing.