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我们专门为chipsynth SFC创建了SHVC-SOUND模块的完整仿真,涵盖了数字和模拟领域。 我们使用了我们标志性的全面数字录音匹配方法,包括我们独特的定制设备、精心彻底的测试以及顽固地拒绝满足于任何不完美的匹配。

结果不言而喻:您可以从真正的原始 SNES 中获取整首歌曲的数字捕捉,chipsynth SFC 歌曲播放器将完全匹配这些捕捉,一点一点!

因此,为了确保您理解,chipsynth SFC 不是由从 SNES 记录的静态样本制成的,而是完全再现了它如何播放您的样本!



We have specially created an entire emulation of the SHVC-SOUND module just for chipsynth SFC, covering both the digital and analog domains. We’ve used our signature comprehensive digital-recording matching approach, featuring our unique custom-built rigs, painstakingly thorough testing, and stubborn refusal to settle for anything less than a perfect match.

The results speak for themselves: you can take digital captures of whole songs from the real original SNES, and the chipsynth SFC song player will match these captures absolutely perfectly, bit for bit!

So to make sure you understand, chipsynth SFC is not made out of static samples recorded from an SNES but is rather a full recreation of how it plays YOUR samples!

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