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Bass-Mint 是来自 Unfiltered Audio 的创新低频增强工具,旨在快速改善您的单个音轨、主干甚至整个混音的底端。它围绕五种不同的模式构建,每种模式都有五个精心调校的旋钮,可帮助您显着塑造和增强混音。

Bass-Mint 的核心在于其带有可调节截止频率的简单分频器,它将低频段与高频段分开,以便在每个频段上采用不同类型的处理。从那里开始,五种主要模式中的每一种都提供了令人兴奋的新方法,通过非常简单、创造性和直观的工作流程来调整信号的这些高低部分。通过插件右侧的六个附加切换开关提供进一步的控制,只需轻按开关即可打开基本的低音处理技术。

Unfiltered Audio 的 Bass-Mint 是市场上唯一为低端增强和低端频率管理提供如此多样化控制集的插件。从低端频率的细微增强到从低音炮到完全重塑频谱,这个插件可以实现真正的疯狂。无论您是想真正为超脏的低音搞砸,还是只是让您的底鼓和低音达到更好的平衡,Bass-Mint 几乎可以做任何您想做的事情。

1.1.0 版(2022 年 3 月 30 日)
– 添加了 Apple Silicon 支持

1.0 版(2020 年 7 月 24 日)
– 发布版本

Windows 7 到 10


Bass-Mint is an innovative new low-frequency enhancement tool from Unfiltered Audio, designed to rapidly improve the bottom end of your individual tracks, stems, and even entire mixes. It is built around five distinct modes, each with five carefully-tuned knobs to help you dramatically sculpt and enhance your mixes.

The heart of Bass-Mint is found in its simple frequency splitter with an adjustable cutoff, which separates the low band from the high band to employ different types of processing on each. From there, each of the five main modes offers new and exciting ways to tweak these high and low parts of the signal through a remarkably simple, creative, and intuitive workflow. Further control is provided via the six additional toggles on the right side of the plugin that switch on essential bass processing techniques at the flip of a switch.

Unfiltered Audio’s Bass-Mint is the only plugin on the market that offers such a diverse control set for low-end enhancement and low-end frequency management alike. From subtle enhancement of low-end frequencies to completely reshaping the frequency spectrum from the subs on up, truly wild things are possible with this plugin. Whether you want to really mess things up for super dirty bass, or simply bring your kick and bass into better balance, Bass-Mint can do practically anything you want to your lows.

Whats new in this version
Version 1.1.0 (Mar 30, 2022)
– added Apple Silicon support

Version 1.0 (Jul 24, 2020)
– Release version

System Requirements
Windows 7 through 10