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Presonus 的 CTC-1 Pro Console Shaper 是为 Studio One 中新的 Mix Engine FX 接口开发的第二个插件,也是包含的 Console Shaper 插件的下一个演变。 CTC-1 为 Studio One 带来了模拟调音台建模,其中包含三个听起来很棒的调音台模型和对 Mix Engine FX 环境的几项主要增强。

利用最先进的状态空间建模技术,CTC-1 捕捉了大多数音乐家、制作人和工程师无法企及的传奇模拟控制台的特性和个性。远远超出虚拟通道条和母带插件,CTC-1 能够改变人们在 DAW 中混音的方式。

Mix Engine FX – 与驻留在单个通道或总线上的插入和发送效果相反 – 只需一个插件实例即可单独处理混音器的每个通道。当添加到总线通道或主输出通道时,路由到该通道的每个信号都在源处独立处理,允许插件转换整个混音的声音,同时仍然保持每个单独通道的细微差别和动态。虽然适用于许多不同的应用程序,但 Mix Engine FX 是为模拟控制台仿真量身定制的。原来的 Console Shaper 和新的 CTC-1 都属于这个类别。

与 Studio One Professional 3.3.1 或更高版本兼容的 Mix Engine FX 插件
Classic British、Vintage Tube 和自定义模拟控制台仿真


Windows 8 或更高版本


The CTC-1 Pro Console Shaper by Presonus is the second plug-in developed for the new Mix Engine FX interface in Studio One and the next evolution of plug-ins from the included Console Shaper. CTC-1 brings analog console modeling to Studio One with three great-sounding console models and several major enhancements to the Mix Engine FX environment.

Utilizing state-of-the-art State Space Modeling technology, CTC-1 captures the character and personality of legendary analog consoles that are otherwise out of reach for most musicians, producers and engineers. Going far beyond virtual channel strips and mastering plug-ins, CTC-1 is capable of changing the way how people mix inside a DAW.

Mix Engine FX – as opposed to insert and send effects which reside on individual channels or busses – are capable of processing every channel of the mixer separately with just a single plug-in instance. When added to a bus channel or the main output channel, every signal routed into that channel is processed independently at the source, allowing the plug-in to transform the sound of an entire mix while still maintaining the nuances and dynamics of every individual channel. Although being suited for many different applications, Mix Engine FX are tailored for analog console emulation. The original Console Shaper and the new CTC-1 both belong in this category.

Mix Engine FX plug-in compatible with Studio One Professional 3.3.1 or higher
Classic British, Vintage Tube and Custom analog console emulation
Authentic modeling of input drive, channel noise, crosstalk and character
Easy-to-use automatic gain compensation
Pass-thru option for added flexibility

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System Requirements
Windows 8 or higher