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无论好坏,现代音乐通常听起来不像我们最喜欢的经典歌曲。 之所以如此,部分原因是数以万计的经典唱片是在老式模拟硬件上录制的,带有伪影、非线性和音调缺陷,而数字时代则非常努力地试图消除它们。 Retro Mix Legends 利用 Studio One® 独特的 Mix Engine FX 处理将三个经典控制台的经典模拟声音带入您的现代桌面混音。 Mix Engine FX 是一种专有的信号路由技术,它会影响您在所有控制台通道中的音乐,而不仅仅是在单个通道中。 这些不是立体声总线插件; Alpine Desk、Brit Console 和 Porta Cassette 能够利用来自任何通道的单个信号,以 1970 年代、80 年代及以后的经典专辑声音背后的 State Space Modeled 音调转换任何混音。


For better or for worse, modern music often just doesn’t sound like our favorite classic hits. That’s true partly because zillions of classic records were recorded on vintage analog hardware with the artifacts, nonlinearities, and tonal imperfections that the digital era tried so very hard to stomp out. Retro Mix Legends takes advantage of Studio One®’s unique Mix Engine FX processing to bring the classic analog sounds of three classic consoles to your modern desktop mix. Mix Engine FX is a proprietary signal-routing technology that affects your music across all Console channels, rather than just in a single channel. These aren’t stereo bus plug-ins; Alpine Desk, Brit Console, and Porta Cassette are able to tap into individual signals from any channel to transform any mix with the State Space Modeled tonality behind the sound of classic albums from the 1970s, ’80s, and beyond.