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通过这两个从经典 PreSonus 硬件通道条重新创建的 State Space 建模插件,为您的音轨增添一丝 PreSonus 风味,可用于 Studio One® Native Effects、VST3、AU 和 AAX 格式,供您选择的 DAW 中使用。 RC 500 仿照 PreSonus RC 500 FET 通道条; VT1 以 PreSonus 经典电子管通道条为模型。当设计原始模拟电路的工程师可以与状态空间建模大师聚在一起喝酒时,由此产生的插件听起来非常真实,即使是模拟硬件的设计者也无法区分。

VT1 的输入级提供了一种不常见的音色雕刻选项,非常适合让您的混音中的特定音轨闪耀;电子管模拟输入部分可以调高以增强温暖和色彩,六个阻抗选项允许进行一些细微的过滤 – 较低的设置更暗。四频段均衡器允许进行严格的过滤。

另一方面,RC 500 在这里是为了尽可能快速有效地完成工作,而不会引起人们的注意。固定的 3:1 压缩比和 3 段 EQ 消除了大量的猜测,并且由于它以 A 类固态前置放大器为模型,所以不要指望任何电子管过载。

简而言之,如果您想在您的曲目中添加大量控制和深思熟虑的、外科手术般的音色塑造,请选择 VT-1。如果您需要快速、简单和透明的信号处理,请选择 RC 500。


视窗 10 x64


Pepper your tracks with a tasteful dash of PreSonus flavor via these two State Space modeled plug-ins recreated from classic PreSonus hardware channel strips, available in Studio One® Native Effects, VST3, AU, and AAX formats for use in your DAW of choice. The RC 500 is modeled from the PreSonus RC 500 FET Channel Strip; VT1 is modeled from a PreSonus classic tube channel strip. When the engineer who designed the original analog circuits can get together for drinks with the master of State Space Modeling, the resulting plug-in sounds so true to the original that even the designer of the analog hardware can’t tell the difference.

The VT1’s input stage offers an uncommon complement of tone-sculpting options and is great for making a particular track shine from inside your mix; the tube-modeled input section can be dialed up for boosted warmth and color, and the six impedance options allow for some nuanced filtering—lower settings are darker. The four-band EQ allows for serious filtering.

The RC 500, on the other hand, is here to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible without calling attention to itself. That fixed 3:1 compression ratio and 3-band EQ removes a significant amount of guesswork, and since it’s modeled on a Class-A solid-state preamp, don’t expect any tube overdrive, here.

In short, if you want a lot of control and deliberate, surgical tone-shaping added to your tracks, pick the VT-1. If you need some signal processing quick, easy, and transparent, choose the RC 500.

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