FANTASTiC | 11 October 2022 | 1.03 GB

The Funk Hunters 首次打开他们的制作库,通过 Westwood Sounds 将他们标志性的放克和贝斯灵感电子声音带入 Splice 的独家样本包中。从时髦的号角和旋律吉他 Loop,到创意合成器、鼓和独特的 one-shot,这个独家的新包包含 1000 多个精心制作的样本和 Loop。

The Funk Hunters 在其原创作品、混音和合作目录中积累了超过 3000 万个音轨流,为每个制作人的工具箱提供了他们所需的声音范围。在整个职业生涯中,这对多维二人组独特的声音实力得到了体现,包括赢得年度电子/舞蹈艺术家(加拿大)、在公告牌舞蹈俱乐部排行榜上排名第一,以及十多年来在世界上最大的舞池中看到他们在科切拉、Outside Lands 和 Shambhala 等标志性音乐节上演出。

凭借多产的职业里程碑,他们为 U2、Imagine Dragons、Selena Gomez、Big Gigantic、Gramatik 和 Chali 2na(侏罗纪 5)等乐队进行了混音和工程设计,Funk Hunters 为每首曲目带来了声音技术和独特的制作经验他们接触。现在,他们的声音也可以是你的。


Opening their production vaults for the very first time, The Funk Hunters bring their signature funk and bass inspired electronic sound to an exclusive sample pack for Splice via Westwood Sounds. From funky horn stabs and melodic guitar loops, to creative synths, drums, and unique one-shots, this exclusive new pack contains over 1000 meticulously crafted samples and loops.

Amassing over 30 million track streams across their catalog of original productions, remixes, and collaborations, The Funk Hunters offer up their in-demand range of sounds for every producer’s toolbox. The multi-dimensional duo’s distinct sonic prowess has followed throughout a career that includes winning the Electronic/Dance Artist of the Year (Canada), reaching #1 on the Billboard Dance Club Chart and filling the world’s biggest dance floors for over a decade seeing them perform at iconic festivals like Coachella, Outside Lands, and Shambhala.

Equipped with prolific career milestones that has taken them to remixes and engineering for acts like U2, Imagine Dragons, Selena Gomez, Big Gigantic, Gramatik, and Chali 2na (Jurassic 5), The Funk Hunters bring sound technique and unique production experience to every track they touch. Now, their sounds can be yours too.