Team R2R | 2022.10.11 | 13.86 GB

我们将令人惊叹的 Yamaha CFX 音乐会三角钢琴放置在 Abbey Road Studio One 中,屡获殊荣的工程师使用世界上最出色的麦克风和设备创建了一个令人惊叹的虚拟乐器库。

这个项目的每一个方面都反映了只有最热情的人才能产生的完美:乐器、房间、工程师和麦克风。 体验每一个细节所体现的激情。


We placed the awe-inspiring Yamaha CFX Concert Grand Piano in Abbey Road Studio One, where award-winning engineers used the world’s greatest microphones and equipment to create a stunning virtual instrument library.

Every facet of this project reflects the perfection that only the most passionate can produce: the instrument, the room, the engineers, and the mics. Experience the passion reflected in every detail.