FANTASTiC | 10 October 2022 | 488 MB

从广阔和欣快到现代和喜怒无常。 Neon Pop 是复古未来声音设计和前瞻性制作的典型集合,是一个包罗万象的诱人工具包,旨在激发各种流行音乐制作。 Neon Pop 精心制作和策划,提供各种 WAV、MIDI、鼓点、one-shot、Serum 和 Astra 预设以及 Beatmaker 套件,将逆合成和 80 年代制作的元素与现代流行氛围融合在一起。

•129 单杆
•219 个循环
•20 个 Astra 预设
•05 Beatmaker 预设
•30 种血清预设


From expansive and euphoric to modern and moody. Neon Pop is a quintessential collection of retro-futuristic sound design and forward-thinking production for an all-inclusive tantalizing toolkit aimed at inspiring every spectrum of pop production. Expertly crafted and curated, Neon Pop offers an assortment of WAV, MIDI, drum hits, one-shots, Serum & Astra presets, and Beatmaker kits fusing elements of retrosynthesis and ’80s production with modern pop vibes.

•219 LOOPS
•20 Astra PRESETS
•05 Beatmaker PRESETS
•30 Serum PRESETS