FANTASTiC | 10 October 2022 | 458 MB

Traktrain 很高兴推出“Open Mind”Lo-Fi 样本包的第二部分,其中包含由附属制作人创建的 300 个高质量样本。它包含不同乐器的循环,包括鼓、贝斯、合成器以及一些效果样本。此外,所有声音都可以一次性使用。作者设想该套件将在 Boombap 和 Lo-Fi 环境中使用,但是,它也将在任何 Hip-Hop 流派中发挥其作用。

该套件扩展了“Open Mind”包第一卷的设计和理念。它以紧凑的鼓凹槽脱颖而出,向复古鼓机致敬,然而,它们设法保持新鲜和相关。每个都分为两个文件,以提供更大的组合灵活性。



•75 鼓循环;
•100 鼓一击;
•20 旋律单音;
•25 音效;
•20 复古贝斯镜头;
•100% 免版税。


Traktrain is happy to present the second part of the “Open Mind” Lo-Fi Sample Pack with 300 high-quality samples created by an affiliated producer. It contains loops of different instruments including drums, bass, synths, as well as some effects samples. In addition, all sounds are available as one-shots. The author envisioned this kit to be used in a Boombap and Lo-Fi context, however, it will serve its purpose within any Hip-Hop genre as well.

This kit extends the design and ideas of the first volume of the “Open Mind” pack. It stands out with tight drum grooves that pay homage to retro drum machines, however, they manage to stay fresh and relevant. Each is divided into two files to offer more flexibility for composition.

Additionally, a major focus of the kit is its melodic content. For example, the wall of sound of the chord loops is based on extended harmony and performed by dreamy warping synthesizers. Furthermore, melodic stacks offer multi-part arrangements that fill the upper-frequency spectrum. On top of that, the author included song starters that would be perfect for intros that captivate attention.

What’s inside?

•75 Drum Loops;
•100 Drum One-Shots;
•20 Melodic Oneshots;
•60 Music Loops;
•25 SFX;
•20 Vintage Bass Shots;
•High-quality 24-bit audio;
•100% Royalty-free.