FANTASTiC | 07 October 2022 | 779 MB

我们非常高兴能推出这种特殊的 Funk、Disco、Glitch Hop 和 Soul 组合。这个免版税样本、MIDI 文件和预设集合都是手工制作的,易于使用——所有这些都可以立即拖放到您最喜欢的采样器或 DAW 中。

在 Future Funk & Disco 中,从吉他循环到人声,从鼓到贝斯,甚至 6 首令人惊叹的时髦歌曲开场曲,您都可以使用和自定义。

灵感来自 Chromeo、Yung Bae、Purple Disco Machine 和 Aeroplane 的声音。这个重量级的包将成为您未来几个月的首选音色库。


• MIDI 文件总数:86
•50 个低音循环
•20 x 贝司命中
•93 个鼓循环
•11 个吉他循环
•28 次拍手
•3 次崩溃
•15 x 踩镲
•20 次踢
•22 x 开放式帽子
•31 x Percs
•20 个圈套
•46 x Spire 预设
•6 个歌曲启动器
•21 x 合成器命中
•58 个合成器循环
•28 x 人声循环


We are extremely excited to introduce this special blend of Funk, Disco, Glitch Hop, and Soul. This collection of royalty-free samples, MIDI files, and presets have all been handcrafted for ease of use – all ready to be instantly dragged and dropped into your favorite sampler or DAW.

In Future Funk & Disco there is a little bit of everything from guitar loops to vocals, drums to bass, and even 6 amazingly funky song starters for you to play with and customize yourself.

Inspired by the sounds of Chromeo, Yung Bae, Purple Disco Machine, and Aeroplane. This heavy-weight pack will become your go-to sound library for the coming months.


•Total File Size: 1.18GB
•Total Audio Files: 638
•Total MIDI Files: 86
•Total Presets: 46
•50 x Bass Loops
•20 x Bass Hits
•93 x Drum Loops
•11 x Guitar Loops
•28 x Claps
•3 x Crashes
•15 x HiHats
•20 x Kicks
•22 x Open Hats
•31 x Percs
•20 x Snares
•46 x Spire Presets
•6 x Songstarters
•21 x Synth Hits
•58 x Synth Loops
•28 x Vocal Loops