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半场插件:使用这个易于使用的 Windows 和 Mac 效果插件半场播放所有内容。 SlowMo 可将您的混音、乐器、人声甚至效果通道实时减慢 50%。 在嘻哈和trap等现代制作中,半场已经成为一种常见的效果。 现在,使用我们定制的半场插件更容易实现这种效果。

Slowmo 只有一个目的,将你的音频减慢一半。 要获得有趣的效果,请使用混音旋钮。 这会将原始版本与半场版本混合在一起。 查看下面的视频,了解这听起来有多酷!

SlowMo 内置的过采样可确保您的音频的半时版本听起来尽可能高品质。 易于使用的界面可以无缝调整大小,使其在您的 daw 中的每个分辨率下看起来都很棒。


Half time plugin: Playback everything in half time with this easy to use effect plugin for Windows and Mac. SlowMo slows down your mixes, instruments, vocals and even effect channels by 50% in realtime. In modern productions such as hiphop and trap, half time has become a common effect. Now this effect is even easier to achieve with our custom built half time plugin.

Slowmo has only one purpose, to slow down your audio by half. For an interesting effect, use the mix knob. This will blend the original with the half time version. Check out the videos below for an example of how cool this can sound!

SlowMo´s built in oversampling makes sure the half time version of your audio sounds as high quality as possible. The easy to use interface can be resized seamlessly to make it look great in every resolution in your daw.