12th Oct 2022 | Wav Midi| 700 MB

自2019年发布专辑以来,Jay Mason已成为舞蹈行业的主要名字、作家和歌手。从那时起,他与一些最著名的流派,Dynoro, KSHMR, Fedde Le Grand, Tungevaag, Blasterjaxx, HMVE合作,仅在他的spotify上就积累了超过1.8亿的流。







– 8个完整的背线,(主唱,双声,伴奏和和声)




-奖励视频内容(链接在READ FIRST文件)


Jay Mason has become a staple name, writer and vocalist in the Dance industry since his releases back in 2019. Since then working alongside some of the biggest names in the genre, Dynoro, KSHMR, Fedde Le Grand, Tungevaag, Blasterjaxx, HMVE, he has amassed over 180+ million streams on his spotify alone.

This pack contrains toplines that have been written, record and edited by Jay Mason, using his signature vocal chain to achieve an industry polished sound. If you are a producer working within the Dance space, this pack is a must grab due to it’s diversity and sheer quality of topline.

Alongside the samples you’ll find a personal message from Jay himself to go into greater detail about the meaning behind the lyrics and the songwriting. You’ll also get access to a bonus video that will show Jay’s studio and setup with a personal tour.

– 8 Full Toplines, ( Lead Vocal, Doubles, Backings and Harmonies )
– Midi Chords for each song
– Lyrics for each song
– Personalised notes for each song
– Bonus video content ( Linked in the READ FIRST file )