P2P | 2022年10月13日| 2.4 GB

由Sonuscore设计,Esraj & Erhu HALion样品库带你去远东。捕捉现场演奏乐器的魔力和情感表达,这是诚实表达音乐的核心。这两种弦乐器创造了一种真诚的感觉,它将活跃每一个音乐背景。






P2P | 13 October 2022 | 2.4 GB

Passionate and spirited
Designed by Sonuscore, the Esraj & Erhu HALion sample library takes you to the Far East. Capture the magic of live performed instruments and the emotional expression that is the core of honestly expressed music. These two string instruments create a sincere feeling, which will enliven every musical setting.

670+ matchless and live performed phrases
19 themes
2 mesmerizing string instruments
Created by Sonuscore

About the instruments
The Esraj is a North Indian stringed instrument known for its soft, smooth tones. For 300 years it has been used as an instrument to accompany voices, enriching them with its warm, full sound and the variety provided by its resonance strings.

The Erhu is a Chinese spike fiddle with two strings. It is known for its strength of character and versatility in both traditional and contemporary music.

Together, the Esraj and Erhu form the next chapter of our Ethnic Series, melting together as a highly expressive and varied pair, ready for your creativity to harness their magic.