WAV | 24位/ 96 kHz – 562 MB

过渡Whooshes Vol.1库包含各种各样的whoosh声音,设计用于音频后期制作中最常见的用途。从白噪音的嗖嗖声到多普勒嗖嗖声,调性嗖嗖声,木棍嗖嗖声和为额外的香料而独特设计的特殊嗖嗖声。声音工作伟大的过渡,如镜头切,运动支持,但也擦肩而过,战斗场景和更多,使它完美的youtuber,视频编辑器,广告和电台。此外,如果你刚刚开始与声音设计,这个库是一个很好的选择,因为它涵盖了呼呼声几乎每一个需要-但即使是高级的声音设计师也会在这个声音包中找到一个或另一个宝石!

包括104个声音文件,每个包含几个变化,所有仔细的元数据标记,记录和编辑在96kHz, 24位给你机会在不失去质量的情况下操纵声音。

组织良好的声音库可以改进您的工作流程并节省大量时间。这就是为什么我们的音效是根据通用分类系统(Universal Category System)进行分类,并嵌入丰富的描述性元数据。



WAV | 24-bit / 96 kHz – 562 MB

The Transition Whooshes Vol.1 library contains a large variety of whoosh sounds designed for the most common uses in audio post production. From white noise whooshes over to doppler whooshes, tonal whooshes, wood stick swishes and unique designed special whooshes for that extra spice. The sounds work great for transitions such as camera cuts, movement support but also pass-bys, fight scenes and more, making it perfect for YouTubers, video editors, advertisement and radio. Also, if you’re just getting started with sound design, this library is a good choice for you, because it covers whoosh sounds for almost every need – but even advanced sound designers will find one or the other gem in this sound pack!

Included are 104 sound files each containing several variations, all carefully metadata tagged, recorded and edited in 96kHz, 24bit giving you the opportunity to manipulate the sounds without loosing quality.

Well-organized sound libraries improve your workflow and save a lot of time. That’s why our sound effects are categorized according to the Universal Category System and embedded with rich descriptive metadata.

The UCS aims at a consistent categorization of sound effects, a uniform file name structure and easier maintenance of a sound effects library.