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层3 d。环绕和沉浸式格式的自然混响。使用Stratus 3D创建具有无与伦比清晰度的沉浸式周围环境。拥有多达24个声道的支持,超过1700个环绕预设,以及智能多声道混响控制,使用Stratus 3D在任何后期制作工作中获得恰到好处的深度和尺寸。

随着沉浸式环绕格式(如Atmos、Auro等)的日益流行,视觉媒体比以往任何时候都有更多的声音可能性。Stratus 3D是这些新的生产格式的完美混响引擎。除了为多达24通道的环绕产生令人惊叹的清晰度反射外,Stratus 3D还为您提供精确的参数控制,帮助您塑造和细化完美的空间色调,通道一个通道。

自然混响支持多达24个频道,包括Atmos, Auro 3D, NHK等

平台:WiN64 – VST/VST3/AAX(修改)



Stratus 3D. Natural reverbs for surround and immersive formats. Create immersive surround environments with unrivaled clarity using Stratus 3D. With up to 24-channel support, over 1,700 surround presets, and intelligent multichannel reverb controls, use Stratus 3D to get just the right amount of depth and dimension in any post production job.

Impeccable reverb tone for ever-expanding audio environments
With the growing prevalence of immersive surround formats like Atmos, Auro, and beyond, there are more sonic possibilities for visual media than ever before. Stratus 3D is the perfect reverb engine for these new production formats. Aside from producing reflections with stunning clarity for up to 24-channel surround, Stratus 3D provides you with precise parameter controls to help you shape and refine the perfect spatial tone, channel by channel.

Key Features:
Natural reverb support up to 24 channels, including Atmos, Auro 3D, NHK, and more
Channel-specific Balance controls for top and main signals in Atmos and other immersive formats
Advanced control of reverb tail and early reflections
Pre-delay and reverb delay adjustable by tempo
Warp controls with compression and overdrive
3D controls link multiple plug-in instances
Over 1,700 presets (rooms, plates, halls, chambers, and more)
EuControl support

Platform: WiN64 – VST/VST3/AAX(MODiFiED)

Whats New:
iZotope branding for GUI and User Guide
Minor fix in VST logic to make sure input buffer is cleared. In a few rare cases, this had caused a noise at startup.