Wav | 711 MB

Marula音乐建筑卷1是一个集合的75个不断发展的纹理,大气,垫和音景在高质量的24位音频格式。手工制作的Nate Raubenheimer的史前文化和阴影编年,这个包提供了独特的环境层,介绍,低音低音和fx床的音乐从环境到恍惚和Psy。














WAV | 711 MB

Marula Music Architextures volume 1 is a collection of 75 evolving textures, atmospheres, pads and soundscapes in high quality 24bit Audio format. Hand crafted by Nate Raubenheimer of Protoculture and Shadow Chronicles, this pack provides unique ambient layers, intros, bass drones and fx beds for music ranging from Ambient to Trance and Psy.

If you want to inject some serious moody emotions, sinister soundscapes, or just downright unique and cutting edge vocal manipulations and atmospheres into your next song, this pack has you covered!

So, what you waiting for? Grab Architextures Volume 1 today!

Sample Pack Info

● 100% royalty free

● High quality 24bit WAV Files sorted into categories

● 950mb download size

● 12 Ambient Experiments

● 11 Bass Drones

● 11 Composite Sweeps

● 12 Dream Pads

● 13 Granular Excursions

● 9 Spectral Scapes

● 7 Vocal Manipulations