2.63 GB


Dubstep Clash是为制作人和Dj设计的,它既具有侵略性又受欢迎,是一个大熔炉,包含了所有的bangs和epic drop。完全适合广泛的Dubstep生产者,广泛的准备使用循环将立即适合您的工作流程。所有循环的节奏范围从110 – 174bpm与关键信息在文件名中适用。


FANTASTiC | 29 October 2022 | 2.63 GB

Keeping true to the Zenhiser sound, Dubstep Clash packs an exemplary punch of power. Combining unique melodies with intense drops this unique Dubstep sample library flips traditional Dubstep on it’s head. Featuring an immense selection of powerful sound tools including anthemic synths, noisy basslines, orchestral stabs, face melting leads, punchy drums and experimental fx. If you’re looking for extra impact and drive in your tracks then this collection is for you.

Designed for both producers and Dj’s alike Dubstep Clash is both aggressive and welcoming, it’s a melting pot of total bangers and epic drops. Perfectly suited for the broad range of Dubstep producers, the extensive range of ready to use loops will instantly fit within your workflow. All loops range in tempo from 110 – 174bpm with key information within the filename where applicable.