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Cinematique Instruments想要设计一种乐器,它可以让新的低保真音响的创造像在艺术家的调色板上混合不同的颜料一样容易。他们开始用磁带录音,收集噪音地板,用老式齿轮链运行乐器。其结果是模拟“颜色”的令人印象深刻的集合,这是充满个性的全新声音的构建模块。

René Dohmen和Joachim Dürbeck已经成功地在音乐产业中作为作曲家、制作人和艺术家工作。他们的作品涵盖了从古典作品到电子音乐,甚至是抽象实验音乐,以及无数的电影配乐。总是在寻找新的和独特的声音,他们决定创建和发布自己的样本库,以Cinematique Instruments的名字。


P2P | 27 October 2022 | 904 MB

The beauty of imperfection
Dive deep into the dust: Mix tape rattles, vinyl crackles, loop noises or the sound of an old Echolette, plus three different layers of processed vintage synthesizers, orchestral, horns, strings, piano and other beautifully imperfect instruments. The warm, unusual sound of this instrument makes it suitable for all producers and composers.

More than 40 beautifully colored sounds with a warm analog feel

Design new colors with 25 exceptional, specially designed sound sources

Three LFOs, an ease-to-use arpeggiator and additional effects

Additional master section with delay, reverb, filter, decay and more

The idea behind Colors LoFi Tapes
Cinematique Instruments wanted to design an instrument which would make the creation of new lo-fi sounds as easy as mixing different paints together on an artist’s palette. They started recording on tape, collecting noise floors and running instruments through chains of vintage gear. The result is an impressive collection of analog “colors”, which are the building blocks for completely new sounds which are full of character.

About Cinematique Instruments
René Dohmen and Joachim Dürbeck have successfully been working as composers, producers and artists in the music industry. Their work covers everything from classical productions to electronic or even abstract-experimental music as well as numerous commissions for film scores. Always in search of new and unique sounds they decided to create and release their own sample libraries under the name of Cinematique Instruments.