eam RET | 02 Nov 2022 | 420.1MB


带你的音乐到另一个维度与世界迷人的视觉效果。VS -视觉合成器使它很容易表达你的声音光学,在一个高度可定制的方式。

VS – Visual合成器多层着色系统允许您通过使用功能强大的控件混合动态图形元素来创建复杂的构图。


非常感谢TEAM R2R庞大的知识库和资源!


Team RET | 02 Nov 2022 | 420.1MB

Easily create visuals that react to your music and MIDI

Take your music to another dimension with a world of captivating visuals. VS – Visual Synthesizer makes it easy to express your sound optically, in a highly customisable way.

VS – Visual Synthesizer multi-layered shader system allows you to create complex compositions by blending dynamic graphical elements using powerful controls.

Trigger, change and modulate parameters from both audio and MIDI sources, to inject movement into each layer’s “polyphonic visual voices”. From ambient geometric loops, to rhythmically pulsating patterns, VS extensive modulation options ensure you are always in control.

Big thanks to TEAM R2R for their huge knowledge bases and resources!