Team R2R | 01 Nov 2022 | 1.09GB

现在,ABILITY 4.0的主要特点是AMS,这是互联网发展多年的声源。这是一个GM2兼容的多音色发生器。现在能够处理大量的MIDI音轨和乐器音轨是很正常的,所以我认为一个音源能够独立播放多个MIDI声道的情况正在减少。然而,在充分利用MIDI的优点来制作音乐时,多音色发生器是一个重要的项目。

Now, the main feature of ABILITY 4.0 is AMS, a sound source that Internet has been developing for many years. This is a GM2 compatible multitimbral tone generator. Nowadays, it’s normal to be able to handle a large number of MIDI tracks and instrument tracks, so I think the number of cases where a single sound source can play multiple MIDI channels independently is decreasing. However, multi-timbral tone generators are an important item when it comes to making music by making full use of the goodness of MIDI.