Team R2R | 01 Nov 2022 | 264.2MB

5月27日,互联网有限公司发布了国内DAW ABILITY的新版本。这是之前的ABILITY 3.0 Pro和ABILITY 3.0 Elements的继承者,ABILITY 4.0 Pro和ABILITY 4.0 Elements。虽然海外有很多daw,如美国和德国,但这是来自互联网的最新版本的ABILITY,它已经开发了两个阵容:入门版的歌手歌曲作家Lite和更高版本的ABILITY。

这次的主要特点是16部分GM2兼容的多音源AMS,由互联网公司自行开发。简单地说,它是怀旧的Roland SC-88 Pro的升级版,或者说是超高质量的版本。您可以使用最新的声音创建一首新歌,或者您可以使用它提取很久以前制作的数据并播放它。另一方面,还进行了各种增强,例如安装了一个音符表达式编辑器,以满足MIDI 2.0的兼容性,增强了歌曲编辑器,并使UI更易于使用。我尝试了能力4.0 Pro早期,所以我想报告它。

2014年诞生的ABILITY是“歌手、歌曲、作家”的高级版本,已经升级到2.0、2.5、3.0,现在正在销售4.0。和之前一样,高端旗舰机型是ABILITY 4.0 Pro,流行版本是ABILITY 4.0 Elements。所支持的插件有不同之处。与入门版Singer Song Writer Lite 10等的区别在Internet的网站上有详细的描述,所以我建议去看看。

Internet Co. , Ltd. released a new version of ABILITY , a domestic DAW, on May 27th. This is the successor to the previous ABILITY 3.0 Pro and ABILITY 3.0 Elements, ABILITY 4.0 Pro and ABILITY 4.0 Elements . While there are many overseas DAWs such as the United States and Germany, this is the latest version of ABILITY from Internet, which has developed two lineups: the entry version of Singer Song Writer Lite and the higher version of ABILITY.

The main feature of this time is the 16-part GM2 compatible multi-timbral sound source AMS , developed in-house by Internet . To put it simply, it’s an evolved version of the nostalgic Roland SC-88 Pro , or an ultra-high-quality version. You can create a new song with the very latest sound, or you can use it to pull out the data you made a long time ago and play it. On the other hand, various enhancements have been made, such as installing a note expression editor in anticipation of MIDI 2.0 compatibility, enhancing the song editor, and making the UI easier to use. I tried the ABILITY 4.0 Pro early, so I would like to report it.

ABILITY, which was born in 2014 as an advanced version of Singer Song Writer, has been upgraded to 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, and now 4.0 is on sale. As before, the high-end flagship model is ABILITY 4.0 Pro, and the popular version is ABILITY 4.0 Elements. There are differences in plug-ins that are supported. The differences from the entry version Singer Song Writer Lite 10, etc. are described in detail on Internet’s website, so I recommend checking it out.