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对于最大、最大胆和最坏的贝斯来说,Vintage Bass就是它的所在。图书馆是用一个1978年的音乐人黄貂鱼贝斯配备了非常古老的弦。表演的节奏乐句从直接的到摇摆的弹跳不一而足,微节拍被优雅地推和拉跨节拍,以获得额外的凹槽和态度。理想的低节奏,HipHop, LoFi,休息室或寒意,在声音和槽,Vintage Bass是真正的交易。

包含超过300个独特的低音表演,和近2 GB的样本数据,循环组织到45个文件夹的基础上的关键和节奏。最初的录音节奏在60到90BPM之间,完美的低节奏感觉。然而,使用Elastik强大的示例操作功能,可以简单地调整节奏以匹配您的项目。每个文件夹包含多个2或4小节短语,可以很容易地组合成一个完整的低音部分。此外,在所有45个性能文件夹中一致的声音使得在不同文件夹之间混合和匹配循环变得简单,而Elastik当然可以处理可能需要的任何键/音高调整。所有的表演都由精湛的Jürgen Attig演奏,以确保复古的氛围。

经典的表演在DI, Amp和FX格式

理想的低节奏,HipHop, LoFi,休息室和更多
复古贝斯是其他慢节奏游戏的完美伴侣,如慢节奏吉他1和2,LoFi HipHop Beats,男高音萨克斯风,或Flugelhorn 2。与吨的性格,巨大的声音,和真正的复古感,vintage Bass是任何忙碌的制作人在HipHop LoFi, Downtempo, Lounge, RnB或Chill工作的鼓舞人心的选择,将确保您的下一个项目得到它所需要的低端类。



Vintage Bass
For the biggest, boldest and downright baddest basses Vintage Bass is where it’s at. The library was recorded with a 1978 Music Man Stingray bass equipped with very old strings. The performance’s rhythmic phrasing varies from straight to a swinging bounce, and the microtiming is tastefully pushed and pulled across the beat for additional groove and attitude. Ideal for Downtempo, HipHop, LoFi, Lounge or Chill, both in sound and groove, Vintage Bass is the real deal.

The Genuine Sound Of Downtempo Vintage Bass
Containing over 300 unique bass performances, and almost 2 GB of sample data, the loops are organized into 45 folders based on key and tempo. Original recording tempos were between 60 and 90BPM for that perfect downtempo feel. However, tempo can be simply adjusted to match your project using Elastik’s powerful sample manipulation features. Each folder contains multiple 2 or 4-bar phrases that can easily be combined to build a complete bass part. In addition, the consistent sound across all 45 performance folders makes it straightforward to mix and match loops between the different folders, while Elastik can, of course, handle any key/pitch adjustment that might be required. All the performances are played by the masterful Jürgen Attig to ensure a vintage vibe.

Classy Performances In DI, Amp and FX Format
For maximum flexibility, each of the 328 performances is provided in three different versions. A perfect DI recording supplies a super-solid starting point and allows you to add your own amp modelling or effects of choice. The second set provides the signal recorded through a classic bass amp rig, with a warm sound and plenty of low end. Finally, the third set delivers the same loops with some additional effects applied and these are ideal for an instant, mix-ready, vibe, ready to drop straight into your Hip-Hop, Lo-Fi or Downtempo mix. And, if your speakers can handle it, you can always create your own blend of the three loop types for a truly massive sound.

Ideal For Downtempo, HipHop, LoFi, Lounge And More
Vintage Bass makes a perfect companion to other downtempo titles such as Downtempo Guitar 1 and 2, LoFi HipHop Beats, Tenor Saxophone, or Flugelhorn 2. With tons of character, a huge sound, and a true vintage feel, Vintage Bass is an inspiring choice for any busy producer working in HipHop LoFi, Downtempo, Lounge, RnB or Chill and will ensure that your next project gets the low-end class that it needs.