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Obsession 将伟大的复音复古合成器的力量带到您的指尖。它将压控振荡器 (VCO)、压控滤波器 (VCF) 和压控放大器 (VCA) 的精巧建模与以前从未在此细节上做过的全面的个人语音控制相结合。

Obsession 是一个强大的老式合成器仿真。它从经典的合成器设计开始,包括两个振荡器、一个可切换的二/四极低通滤波器、两个 ADSR 包络发生器和两个 LFO,所有这些都是从硬件精心建模的。

全面的调制矩阵、用于强大节奏序列的两个步进控制以及高质量的效果链大大增强了乐器的多功能性。具有 Single/Dual/Split 模式的两个部分为经验丰富的声音设计师提供了充足的额外空间。支持多维复音表达 (MPE) 以及 Native Kontrol Standard (NKS) 等现代功能完善了这个强大的插件。

Obsession 具有易于使用、可扩展的界面(Retina-ready),可直接访问所有重要参数。

单独的语音控制可能是 Obsession 最重要的功能:每个语音板在许多方面都可以明显不同于其他语音板,从而创造出复古模拟复音合成器著名的有机、生动的声音。

例如,将截止频率微调器向左旋转意味着该特定声音的截止频率将低于平均水平,而将其向右旋转意味着它高于平均水平。同样,将 Amp Release 微调器向左旋转会稍微缩短该特定声音的释放时间,而将微调器向右旋转会导致更长的释放时间。甚至在真实硬件的语音板上找到的额外参数(如振荡器和滤波器缩放)也存在于 Obsession 中。

Obsession 的后面板可以访问高质量效果部分、调制矩阵以及 LFO 步进控制。

由 Mirko Ruta 编码的高品质混响以及附加的 Shimmer 效果将打击垫、主音和氛围提升到一个新的维度。可以应用立体声延迟和合唱/合奏效果来进一步增强输出。新颖的“有机”旋钮可以模拟温度相关的波动,将表现力和音质提升到一个新的水平。

为了大大增强 Obsession 的调制能力,强大的 LFO Steps 控制允许为几乎每个声音参数创建有节奏的、速度同步的调制。也可以使用手绘来创建任意 LFO 形状。

带有 8 或 16 个语音板的两部分引擎
带有手绘的阶梯式 LFO 模式
完整版附带 500 个补丁
可用作 VST、AAX、音频单元

Mac:OS X 10.11 或更高版本,2 GHz 四核 CPU 或更高版本,支持 VST 2、VST 3、Audio Unit 或 AAX 插件的 64 位主机。
原生音频单元可用于基于 Silicon M1 的 Mac。 AAX 版本需要 ProTools 11 或更高版本。


A new era in poly-analog synth modeling
Obsession brings the power of a great polyphonic vintage synthesizer to your fingertips. It combines the astute modeling of voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs), voltage-controlled filter (VCF) and voltage-controlled amplifier (VCA) with a comprehensive individual voice control that has never been done before in this detail.

Obsession is a powerful vintage synthesizer emulation. It starts out with the classic synth design comprised of two oscillators, a switchable two/four pole low-pass filter, two ADSR envelope generators and two LFOs, all meticulously modeled from the hardware.

A comprehensive modulation matrix, two Step controls for powerful rhythmic sequences, and a high-quality effect chain greatly enhance the versatility of the instrument. Two parts with Single/Dual/Split modes offer plenty of extra room for experienced sound designers. Modern features like support for multidimensional polyphonic expression (MPE) as well as Native Kontrol Standard (NKS) complete this mighty plug-in.

Obsession features an easy-to-use, scalable interface (Retina-ready) with direct access to all important parameters.

The individual voice control is perhaps the most important feature of Obsession: Each voice board can differ noticeably from the others in many ways, creating that organic, lively sound that vintage-analog poly synths are famous for.

For instance, turning the Cutoff Frequency trimpot to the left means that the Cutoff Frequency of that particular voice is going to be lower than average, whereas turning it to the right means it is higher than average. Likewise, turning the Amp Release trimpot to the left is going to shorten the release time somewhat for that particular voice, whereas turning the trimpot to the right will result in a longer release time. Even extra parameters like oscillator and filter scaling, found on the voice boards of the real hardware, are present in Obsession.

The back panel of Obsession gives access to the high-quality effects section, the modulation matrix, as well as the LFO Steps control.

The high-quality reverb coded by Mirko Ruta with the added Shimmer effect lifts pads, leads and athmospheric to a new dimension. A stereo delay as well as a Chorus/Ensemble effect can be applied to enhance the output yet further. Temperature-dependent fluctuations can be simulated by the novel “Organic” knob, lifting the expressiveness and sound quality to a new level.

In order to greatly enhance the modulation capabilities of Obsession, the powerful LFO Steps control allows to create rhythmic, tempo-synced modulation of almost every sound parameter. Free-hand drawing can be employed as well to create arbitrary LFO shapes.

Obsession features summary
Very deep, realistic emulation of an analog polyphonic synth
Two part engine with 8 or 16 voice boards
Precise control of many sound parameters per voice board
Single, Dual and Split modes
Stepped LFO modes with freehand drawing
High-quality effect block with Delay, Reverb and Chorus
Full version comes with 500 patches
Available as VST, AAX, Audio Unit

System Requirements
Mac: OS X 10.11 or later, 2 GHz quad core CPU or better, 64-bit host that supports VST 2, VST 3, Audio Unit or AAX plugins.
A native Audio Unit is available for Silicon M1-based Macs. ProTools 11 or higher is required for the AAX version.