Monolith 是一个无限低音引擎,随时准备将您的音乐推向平流层高度。 利用数百个震动预设来快速切入您的混音,或深入研究参数以塑造您自己的低音。 使用 85 组高清贝斯、低音炮、管弦乐和合成器样本中的任何一种,或导入您自己的样本以获得无限灵感。

– 产品类型:Kontakt Player/NKS Instrument
– 乐器类型:无限低音引擎
– 声音数量:85 种多重采样乐器,无限用户导入样本
– 1 个 NKI,包括:350 个主预设(200+ 核心预设,100+ 效果预设,50+ arp 预设)
– 声音类别:低音、电影、电子、lofi、downtempo、有机、声音设计

需要 NI Kontakt Player 或 Kontakt FULL v6.7.1 及更高版本!


Monolith is an infinite bass engine ready to propel your music to stratospheric heights. Utilize hundreds of ground shaking presets to quickly cut through your mix, or dive deep into the parameters to sculpt bass tones that are all your own. Use any of the 85 groups of high definition basses, subs, orchestral, and synth samples or import your own samples for infinite inspiration.

– Product type: Kontakt Player/NKS Instrument
– Instrument type: Infinite Bass Engine
– Number of sounds: 85 Multisampled instruments, Unlimited user imported samples
– 1 NKI that includes: 350 master presets (200+ core presets, 100+ effects presets, 50+ arp presets)
– Sound categories: Bass, cinematic, electronic, lofi, downtempo, organic, sound design

Requires NI Kontakt Player or Kontakt FULL v6.7.1 and higher!