Tracktion Software Waveform 12 Pro 12.0.53 WIN

Tracktion Software Waveform 12 Pro 12.0.53 WIN

Tracktion Software Waveform 12 Pro 12.0.53 WIN

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Waveform 是一个快速发展的应用程序,专为满足现代音乐制作人的需求而设计。专注于创意和鼓舞人心的工作流程并避免明确需要的功能使应用程序保持令人惊讶的有趣和直观。虽然其他应用程序试图吸引广泛的用户群体,例如电影配乐、现场声音、表演,但我们专注于音乐制作。
与其他负担得起的 DAW 不同,Waveform 不施加任何限制——我们相信无限的轨道数、完整的功能集和添加任何插件的自由。 Waveform 还可以在所有主要的桌面操作系统上运行——macOS、Windows 和 Linux。你的想象力是唯一的限制。

Waveform 包括一套内置 FX,包括 EQ、动态、混响和母带级通道条。 MIDI FX,例如实时和弦播放器和虚拟乐器,包括 Collective 和开创性的 Multi Sampler,以及获得格莱美奖的 Melodyne Essentials 音高操纵。

Waveform 包括出色的 Imagina Loops “Alex Sanfilippo” 世界级多轨鼓循环集合。这些补充了创意 MIDI 制作工具,例如模式生成器和高级乐器,让您可以专注于创造力而不是编程。


The most creative, inspirational and affordable digital audio workstation ever created.

Unleash Your Creativity
Waveform is a rapidly evolving application specifically designed for the needs of modern music producers. Specializing in creative and inspirational workflows and avoiding features not explicitly needed allow the app to remain surprisingly fun and intuitive. While other apps try to appeal to broad user groups, for example film score, live sound, performance – we are laser focused on music production.
Unlike other affordable DAW’s, Waveform does not impose any restrictions whatsoever – we believe in unlimited track count, full feature set and freedom to add any plugins. Waveform also runs on all the major desktop operating systems – macOS, Windows and Linux. Your imagination is the only limit.

Waveform includes a suite of built in FX including EQ, dynamics, reverb and mastering grade channel strip. MIDI FX such as the real time chord player and virtual instruments including Collective and the ground breaking Multi Sampler, plus the Grammy award winning Melodyne Essentials pitch manipulation.

Waveform includes the excellent Imagina Loops ‘Alex Sanfilippo’ collection of world class multi track drum loops. These compliment the creative MIDI production tools such as the pattern generator and premium instruments, allowing you to focus on creativity rather than programming.




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