Zenhiser Studio Essentials Balearic House WAV-FANTASTiC

Zenhiser Studio Essentials Balearic House WAV-FANTASTiC

Zenhiser Studio Essentials Balearic House WAV-FANTASTiC

FANTASTiC | 11 May 2022 | 824 MB

是时候用“Studio Essentials – Balearic House”来热身您的样本集合了,这是一组非常幸福的 Balearic House 样本和循环。这个来自 Zenhiser 的独家样本包通过 600 多个节拍、贝司线、合成器循环、旋律、效果、一击和律动的紧凑选择提供了氛围和 Ibiza 声音。总大小刚刚超过 1GB,这是一系列专业房屋声音和凹槽的集合,可以让您在录音室中忙碌数天。


所有 Zenhiser 循环都基于速度,文件名中也包含关键信息,以便快速轻松地使用。样本以 24 位 wav 的优势构建,并完美地循环以使用绝对的微风。我们热爱我们在 Zenhiser 的工作,当像这样的样品包以如此美妙的方式占领一个全新的市场时,我们感到非常高兴。


•Basslines – 51 个循环
•鼓节拍 – 202 个循环
•鼓 – 踢 – 70 个样本
•鼓 – Hi Hats – 10 个样本
•鼓 – 鼓掌 – 9 个样本
•鼓 – 军鼓 – 21 个样本
•鼓 – 游乐设施 – 4 个样本
•鼓 – 钹 – 16 个样本
•FX – 100 个样本
•Synth Hits – 100 个样本
•Synth Loops – 55 个样本

文件 – 音频:638
类型 – 音频:24 位 44.1-Khz
信息 – 键:是
信息 – Bpm:是的


It’s time to warm up your sample collection with “Studio Essentials – Balearic House”, an utterly blissful array of Balearic House samples and loops. This exclusive sample pack from Zenhiser delivers the atmosphere and Ibiza sound in one tightly packed selection of over 600 beats, basslines, synth loops, melodies, fx, one shots and grooves. Totalling just over 1GB in size this is one heck of a collection of pro house sounds & grooves which will keep you busy for multiple days in the studio.

Packed full of blissful grooves, sun soaked chords, deep funky basslines and crisp drum beats this sample pack is an absolute must for serious house producers looking for instant hooks and melodies from the word go. Just imagine the sun setting over your favourite stretch of Ibiza coastline, that particular light, the feeling of warm sand in between your toes and the melodic grooves rolling through the air and the waves cascade over the shoreline ……… that’s what we’ve encapsulated within these samples. And with the attention to detail at an all time high the quality of these balearic house samples is second to none, you will not find another collection of straight out the box grooves and loops this tasty, warm and just right.

All Zenhiser loops are tempo based with the key information also in the filename for quick and easy use. Samples have been constructed in 24 bit wav goodness and looped perfectly to make using an absolute breeze. We love our job here at Zenhiser and when samples packs like this capture a fresh new market in such a beautiful way we couldn’t be happier.


•Basslines – 51 loops
•Drum Beats – 202 loops
•Drums – Kicks – 70 samples
•Drums – Hi Hats – 10 samples
•Drums – Claps – 9 samples
•Drums – Snares – 21 samples
•Drums – Rides – 4 samples
•Drums – Cymbals – 16 samples
•FX – 100 samples
•Synth Hits – 100 samples
•Synth Loops – 55 samples

Files – Audio: 638
Type – Audio: 24-Bit 44.1-Khz
Info – Key: Yes
Info – Bpm: Yes



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