Team R2R | 11 Aug 2022 | macOS | 44.9MB

Sundog Song Studio – 您的 MIDI 和弦和旋律实验室

使用 Sundog 轻而易举地演奏和弦和基音。在几秒钟内从平静、流畅、放松的风格转变为充满活力的乐观曲调。答应的。


每首歌都需要良好的和声基础。一旦你有了和弦,设置一个低音线并添加一些不错的背景旋律,你肯定知道它是否会很棒 – 或者只是 meeeh。





Mac OS X 10.7(64 位)及更​​高版本。



Sundog Song Studio – Your MIDI chords and melodies laboratory
Get rid of writer’s block once and for all. Experiment with new scales, harmonies, and melodies easily.

Use Sundog to play around with chords and basenotes like a breeze. Go from calm, smooth, chill out styles to energetic upbeat tunes in a matter of seconds. Promised.

Four things that can make songwriting painful

Every song needs a good harmonic base. Once you have the chords going, set up a bassline and added some nice background melodies you surely know whether it’s going to be great – or just meeeh.

But here’s the catch…

Finding that song core is like digging for gold. It’s a lot of work and oftentimes needlessly repetitive and annoying. Does the following sound familiar to you?

You have all the instruments ready for a song, but cannot find good chord progressions.
You wrote all the chords and background melodies, but now want to try different chords with the same melodic patterns.
You always fall back to the same keys and scales that you already know.
You know exactly how a melody / arpeggio / bassline should be structured and are annoyed by entering it note by note to match the chords.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could skip the stuff that holds you back to experiment more? I know for sure that this was true for me. This is why I sat down to write a software that could help me reduce the friction – and that boosted my songwriting in more ways than I thought was possible………….

System Requirements
Mac OS X 10.7 (64-bit) and up.