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与 Timmo Hendriks 一起学习如何构建混音并将简单的和弦进程转变为成熟的渐进式house轨道。

与冉冉升起的新星 Timmo Hendriks 一起参加音乐制作大师班,获得一流的基础知识,了解如何将响亮的前卫浩室曲目组合在一起。 Timmo 使用 Apple 的旗舰数字音频工作站 Logic Pro,完成了完整的旋律写作、声音设计、编曲和混音工作。

Timmo Hendriks 曾就读于曾培养出 Martin Garrix 和 Julian Jordan 等艺术家的同一所学院,并于 2018 年与 Nicky Romero 的 Protocol Recordings 签约。他曾在世界各地的主要音乐节和场地演出,他的震撼人心的布景让人们为之疯狂。
本课程是您与 Timmo 一起进入工作室并在混音背景下观看他的创作过程和解决问题的技巧的机会。

在两个小时的课程中,您将看到 Timmo 设计主音、贝斯和和弦,在休息时间构建大气效果,并编写旋律。从使用他的 MIDI 键盘编写和弦进行开始,Hendriks 深入到他的技巧包中,添加旋律、氛围和节奏的层次,直到曲目完成。

如果您想在某件事上做得更好,没有什么可以替代观看专业人士使用他们的工具进行的工作,而这正是您参加本课程时所获得的。 Timmo Hendriks 亲身体验了各种插件,包括 u-He Diva、LennarDigital Sylenth 1、KONTAKT 等等。你会看到他设计补丁并浏览他最喜欢的预设,以及学习他的工作流程以进行母带处理和混音过程的其他关键部分。

总而言之,Track from Scratch – Timmo Hendriks 有 20 章生产金。
注册课程后,您可以根据需要多次返回该材料,您还可以访问 Timmo 项目的 Stem,以便您可以在自己的 DAW 上继续学习。
Timmo Hendriks 已经证明自己是一名制作人和 DJ,输出令人印象深刻,所以这是您微调技能并将音乐制作游戏提升到类似水平的机会。

数字音频工作站:Logic Pro

包括 Timmo 在课程中创作的歌曲的 STEMS。


Learn how to build out a mix and turn a simple chord progression into a fully fledged progressive house track with Timmo Hendriks.

Dive into a music production masterclass with rising star Timmo Hendriks, and get a first-class grounding in how to put together big-sounding progressive house tracks. Using Apple’s flagship digital audio workstation Logic Pro, Timmo works his way through a full session of melody writing, sound design, arranging and mixing.

Timmo Hendriks studied at the same academy that produced artists like Martin Garrix and Julian Jordan and signed to Nicky Romero’s Protocol Recordings in 2018. He’s played at major festivals and venues around the world, working crowds into a frenzy with his soul-stirring sets.
This course is your opportunity to get into the studio with Timmo and watch his creative process and problem-solving techniques in the context of a mix.

Over the course of two hours, you’ll see Timmo design leads, bass and chords, build atmospheric FX in breaks, and write melodies. Starting by writing a chord progression using his MIDI keyboard, Hendriks reaches deep into his bag of tricks to add layers of melody, atmosphere and rhythm until the track has reached completion.

If you want to get better at something, there’s no substitute for watching a professional work with their tools, and that’s exactly what you get when you take this course. Timmo Hendriks gets hands-on with a variety of plugins including u-He Diva, LennarDigital Sylenth 1, KONTAKT and many more. You’ll see him design patches and go through his favourite presets, as well as pick up his workflow for mastering and other crucial parts of the mixing process.

All in all, there are 20 chapters of production gold in Track from Scratch – Timmo Hendriks.
Once you’ve signed up for the course you can return to the material as many times as you like, and you’ll also get access to the stems from Timmo’s project so you can follow along on your own DAW.
Timmo Hendriks has proven himself to be a producer and DJ with impressive output, so this is your opportunity to finetune your skills and step up your music production game to similar levels.

DAW: Logic Pro
Total runtime: 2hrs 8mins

Includes the STEMS for the song Timmo creates in the course.