HiDERA | 2 September 2022 | 1.33 GB

Sonible 的 smart:bundle 包含四个用于您的作品的基本处理器,在这个两小时的 Sonible 视频教程课程中,工作室大师 Eli Krantzberg 将向您详细介绍每个处理器,并通过讲述音乐示例来展示其功能。了解这些智能插件如何通过智能频率检测和将它们与其他插件区分开来的其他有用功能使您的工作更轻松。您还可以获得 Eli 在视频中使用的音频文件示例,以便您可以在 DAW 中跟随。这些视频适用于新的智能插件用户。

Eli 从 smart:EQ 3 开始,为您简要介绍界面,让您在真正深入了解之前先体验使用传统 EQ 频段。然后学习如何使用 Smart Filter 功能、自定义结果以及创建/保存自定义配置文件。了解如何以各种方式应用中侧处理,以及如何通过 Group 功能在相互通信的不同轨道上加载多个实例,以检测乐器之间的频率冲突。

接下来,您将了解 smart:comp 2 的所有知识,不仅包括基础知识(攻击、释放、阈值等),还包括动态特性,如频谱压缩、频谱闪避、自由形式传递函数(压缩或扩展以上或低于阈值)、智能增益、中间处理等。

您还将详细了解其他两个插件:smart:reverb(粒子显示、频谱整形、前置滤波器 EQ、冻结等)和 smart:limit(基础、声音整形、失真、动态监控、指标) ,发布目标,质量检查)。完成后,您将牢牢掌握每个插件的功能以及如何在下一次制作中使用它们。

有关每个 smart:bundle 视频的更多信息,包括每个视频的独特功能集如何使您的混音工作更轻松,请查看此页面上的各个 sonible smart-bundle 视频教程说明。这是来自sonible 的强大捆绑包,可让您轻松掌控大量控制。学习让它在你的下一个会话中为你工作……今天观看“sonible smart:bundle Explained®”!


The smart:bundle from sonible contains four essential processors for your productions, and in this two-hour sonible video tutorial course, studio guru Eli Krantzberg walks you through each one in detail, demonstrating the capabilities with telling musical examples. Learn how these smart plugins make your job easier with intelligent frequency detection and other helpful features that separate them from other plugins. You also get the audio file examples Eli uses in the videos so you can follow along in your DAW. These videos are for new smart plugin users.

Eli begins with smart:EQ 3, giving you a brief tour of the interface so you get a feel working with traditional EQ bands before really diving in. Then learn how to work with the Smart Filter feature, customize the results, and create/save custom profiles. Discover how mid-side processing can be applied in various ways and how, with the Group function, you can load multiple instances on various tracks that communicate with each other to detect frequency clashes between the instruments.

Next, you’ll learn all about smart:comp 2, including not only the basics (attack , release, threshold, etc.) but also the dynamic features like spectral compression, spectral ducking, free form transfer functions (compressing or expanding above or below the threshold), smart gain, mid-side processing, and more.

You’ll also fully explore the other two plugs in detail as well: smart:reverb (particle display, spectral shaping, pre filter EQ, freeze, and more) and smart:limit (fundamentals, sound shaping, distortion, dynamics monitoring, metrics, publishing targets, quality check). By the time you’re done, you’ll have a firm grip on each plugin’s features and how to use them in your next production.

For more information on each smart:bundle video, including how the unique feature set of each can make your mixing job easier, check out the individual sonible smart-bundle video tutorial descriptions on this page. This is a powerful bundle from sonible that puts an enormous amount of control at your fingertips. Learn to make it work for you in your next session… watch “sonible smart:bundle Explained®” today!